Diagnostic activity, operating within the national health service, for prenatal and postnatal molecular genetics and cytogenetics in collaboration with ULSS8 Berica of Vicenza.

The Medical Genetics Laboratory carries out several genetic researches.


The main aim is to study deeply the molecular mechanisms involved in genetic diseases  and to applicate some innovative therapies.


According to the needs and the pathology a multidisciplinaty team composed by specialists, physiotherapists, neuro psychomotor therapists, psychologists, educators, speech therapists, nutritionists and other professions works to apply rehabilitation procedures with individual or groups of patients affected by the same disease.


The Institute offer the collaboration with some specialists such as physiatrists, neurologists, geneticists, general practitioners, and other specialists with at the option to be admitted in the care centre.


For doctors, health workers, patients and their relatives.

Services Access Modalities

The Institute opens from Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM to 6 PM.

The access to the services is possible with an appointment: call +39 0444 555557 or 0444 555034. All the informations will be given.

For further informations read the Contact Us page.

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