Giant Melanocytic Nevus

The Congenital Giant Melanocytic Nevus is a rare form of the neoplastic type that covers a large part of the skin of the affected children.
This malformation appears already at birth or in the first days of life in a newborn every 30,000-50,000, in the form of large dark spots that extend on the face, back and pelvis, to which are added many other moles, called satellites.
The only effective remedy currently consists in the surgical removal of the diseased part repeated several times, which is replaced with the patient’s previously expanded skin. These are painful and complex but necessary treatments, because this neoplasm could turn into melanoma and therefore become malignant with imaginable consequences.
The B.I.R.D. Rare Diseases Institute, founded by the Onlus “Mauro Baschirotto” Rare Diseases Association and the Onlus Foundation of the same name, has launched the disease treatment project at its Medical Genetics Laboratory, in collaboration with prestigious Centers and Universities.
It is a research in the cellular and molecular field that involves the study of the causes of this neoplasm and the development of innovative processes, also through the use of the 3D printer, for the production and application of tissue flaps suitable to replace the injured skin.

Nevo Melanocitico Gigante
Nevo Melanocitico Gigante


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