Rehabilitation Unit

Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery

Do pain, weakness, trauma, instability, fear of moving or playing sports, untrue beliefs limit you in everyday life? Don’t let that happen. Resume your activities safely and in a controlled manner with tailor-made treatments and functional re-education through a guided and personalized path and with the guidance of expert staff.

Movement Is Life.

Our Services

  1. Post Covid-19 Physiotherapy
  2. Manual Therapy
  3. Pre-Surgical and Post-Surgical Physiotherapy
  4. Postural Gymnastics
  5. Massages (decontracting and sports)
  6. Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
  7. Kinesiotape
  8. Respiratory Gymnastics

The initial evaluation with the facility’s physiotherapist is free. In agreement with the patient, a rehabilitation project is drawn up at a subsidized price. Facilities are provided for family members and relatives.

Service Delivery

Outpatient regime: the user accesses the service for sessions of about 50 minutes on a weekly, bi-weekly basis, etc. … as per the related rehabilitation project.

Booking Method

The Institute is open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM to 6 PM.

All services are provided by appointment, which can be booked by telephone on 0444 555557, or by presenting themselves directly at the offices of the Institute.

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