Rehabilitation Unit

Presentazione sriabilitazione ING







Diseases treated

  1. Neurologic diseases (neurometabolic disorder, malformative diseases, ereditary degenerative diseases);
  2. Infantile Cerebral Palsy;
  3. Genetic diseases and rare syndromes involving nervous system also with mental retardation;
  4. Neuromuscular and muscular diseases;
  5. Locomotor system diseases;
  6. Orthopedic diseases;
  7. Neurosensory diseases;
  8. Cognitive diseases (isolated or syndromic mental retard) and neurophycological deficit due to: cerebral malformations, genetic diseases and rare syndromes, acquired or perinatal cerebral lesions, epilepsy.


  1. Improvement of motor and coordination skills; stimulation of active motricity and motor coordination.
  2. Improvement of praxis and the perceptual interiorization of praxis.
  3. Contrast the secondary complications and muscle tone diseases (hypotonia, spasticity) or stillness; prevention of contractures and deformity.
  4. Particular attention to posture, functional adjustment and movement facilitation le posture, also with orthosis and aids.
  5. Facilitate useful attitudes and contrast the wrong behaviors.
  6. Rehabilitation and improvement of perceptual abilities.
  7. Rehabilitation and improvement of  cognitive skills (attention, memory, identification, information comprehension and elaboration, planning, orientation in the space and time, problem solving …).
  8. Improvement in the independence level.



Diseases treated

  1. Psychomotor development delay;
  2. Psychomotor inhibition (difficulties or reduction of motor activity);
  3. Iperactivity;
  4. Clumsiness (inadequate adaptability of action to the result);
  5. Mental retardation;
  6. Localized Psychomotor diseases:
    1. Tics;
    2. Dispraxia (difficulties in the plan or realization of an action);
    3. Stutter;
    4. Poor self-esteem syndromes;
    5. Lateralization diseases;
    6. Body scheme disorders;
    7. Attention deficit disorders and Explosive behaviour disorder;
    8. Learning diseases;
    9. Speech delay and speech diseases;
    10. Autistic disease and Autistic spectrum disorder.


  1. Suggest movement activities adapted to motor, social, intellective skills of patient in developmental age.
  2. Help developing motor skills appropriate to their age children through motor activities.
  3. Facilitate the self-esteem development through the awareness in their own abilities and limits.
  4. Promote the intellectual development with adequate activities.
  5. Education in rules respect.
  6. Promote emotional response control.
  7. Correction of egocentric attitude that causes attention seeking and exaggerated antagonism.
  8. Form “group”, promote the integration of children that tend to isolate themselves, children with disability, individuals with behavior diseases.
  9. Stimulate expressiveness, communicability and creativity which help peolple in the integration and self-realization process.
  10. Find space for interaction facilitating an empathic relationship.

Services are offered with these modalities:

Outpatient mode: the patient access the service during the session with the therapist which last about 50 minutes, once/twice a week … as indicated in the rehabilitative program.

Daily Rehabilitation: the outpatient access the service daily and he is housed in the Institute from 9.00 to 16.00.

Daily Rehabilitation Cycle: the patient access the service for a period at the least of 5 days and he is housed in the Institute from 9.00 to 16.00 (in this case, if the patient wants, the Institute offers overnight hospitality).

For appointments:

The Institute opens from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 18.00.

All the services are offered with appointments, you can call

+39 0444/555557 or +39 0444/555034

or you can come directly in the Institute’s offices.


For the appointment the patient should present himself to the Institute’s reception office with the GP referral, the health insurance card and for the payment (Ticket) relative to the services requested.

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