How you can help us


patients and families affected by the same disease. Infact, people affected by rare diseases often are isolated.  So, Help and self-help groups are aimed to support people that struggle against severe and invalidant diseases.

Make public opinion more aware about Rare Diseases.

“Mauro Baschirotto” Association for Rare Diseases and B.I.R.D. Foundation Onlus organize events, manifestations, workshops, and meetings in many parts of Italy to increase the knowledge about Rare Diseases. During theese occasions the contribution of families, doctors, volunteers, local councils and local Public Health is essential.


the “Books about Rare Diseases”. For more information, please call +39 0444 555 557.

Throught donations

to the Mauro Baschirotto Association for rare Diseases and the B.I.R.D. Onlus Foundation to support the diagnosctic activity and the research projects.

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